Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is essentially the "rules" of the unit but more than that they are an ethical standard by which all unit members must adhere. Failure to follow this Code of Conduct will result in warnings, strikes, and eventual removal from the unit.


What happens if any of the below rules are broken ?

• You may be removed from the group.

• If you do not communicate with the admins and or you dissappear from the unit for two weeks with no prior understanding with the ADMIN team, you will most likely get an email asking you whats going on. If no response is received from you then you will be BENCHED. Essentially being benched means you will not be considered part of the group and your training may be set back or reset from the beginning. If you still do not communicate during the bench period then you will be removed from the group.


What happens if its decided I am being removed from the unit ?

• Make no mistake. If you are removed from the unit it will be a quick affair. Why ? Its better to just get it over with than to make the process a long embarrasing (for all parties).  Being removed from the 111th SOG will involve a few things. It will mean removal from our website, removal from our SLACK, removal from our Team Speak. This is not because we are trying to be mean or rude about the removal. It is to maintain the group integrity as well as protect the health of the group. As a member being removed we hope you would be understanding of that fact. 

If you are being removed from the group (not leaving because of real life issues) but if you are genuinly being removed because of infractions or disagreements with the admin team and feel like you need a moment to speak to the group about the circumstances of you leaving, you will have to do that on your own accord. SLACK will not be a soapbox for you to admonish the admin team or the unit or the rules. SLACK will also not be a soapbox to give "your version" of events. If you absolutely feel its necessary than you can contact unit members through private email and discuss that.

I will say this one more time as it seems to be forgotten 100 percent of the time. SLACK is a closed 111th SOG communication tool. IF YOU HAVE MADE THE DECISION TO LEAVE. THEN SLACK WILL BE CLOSED OFF FOR YOU. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE REASONING FOR THIS.  



• Use your common sense

• Uphold and follow all ethical standards (this Code, Rules of Engagement, General Orders, etc.) that apply to all members of the Unit.

• Respect all unit members regardless of rank, age, gender, nationality, race, or sexual orientation. This applies in game as well as on 111SOG Teamspeak

• You must approach the training and operations sessions with a serious mindset

• You must be able to follow orders and respect the chain of command. (We are a milsim unit there is a rank and file. If you dont like being told what to do sometimes, then milsim IS NOT FOR YOU.)

• No cheating will be allowed on 111SOG servers. Violation of this is instant and permanent removal from the unit

• No unit member shall challenge any command element of the 111SOG at anytime. If you are pulled aside and spoken to by an admin or command element of the group. Accept it and move on with positive traction. If you dont agree with that admins assessment. Bring it PRIVATELY to another admin so that it can be solved.

• No unit member shall vilify or criticize the 111SOG in public or on any forums OR ESPECIALLY SLACK at anytime

• Members will not debate political or religious subject matters in the 111SOG Teamspeak, website, slack,  or server sessions at any time. This is your only warning. 

• Members will not belong to any other ARMA III Unit or Clan during your time with the 111SOG. Going forward this will be enforced. Sorry but we have found too many instances of members belonging to other groups at the detriment of the 111th SOG. If we find you hid your involvement in another group from 111th SOG admins then you will be spoken to about it first to ensure that its not a misunderstanding and then removal from the unit may be required. 


I have a problem with a 111th SOG admin. What do I do ?

• If you have an issue with a 111SOG admin you are required to bring it to the attention of another admin. That admin then may decide to involve another admin etc until a plan of action is devised to attend to the issue. It may be a simple misunderstanding or it may be something serious. Either way it will be solved.


111SOG Unit Tags

• Members must have the appropriate unit/rank tag in front of their ingame profile name and Teamspeak name




Members must be able to meet the attendance requirements.

• Attend at least 1 training session a week. Usually lasting about 1 to 2 hours

• Attend at least 1 mission/operation a week. Usually lasting about 2 to 3 hours and occuring on Friday or Saturday night around 9:30 Eastern Time


We understand that real life comes first, 111SOG will never put anyone into the position of choosing between real life success and the unit - as long as you are committed and able to COMMUNICATE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES. We have SLACK and a website that you can also participate in with discussions, helpful posts etc for when you are away from the game.


If you are unable to meet the attendance requirements you need to speak with any ADMIN and inform them of this. Depending on your unique situation a waiver of the attendance requirements most likely will be given. 





• All members must act as their actually in the unit during training and mission scenarios

• You must not act in a way that breaks the immersion or tactical experience of others (this includes radio communication in game)

• Although some freedoms exist with loadouts, the Director of Ops and Director of Training will approve loadouts as well as determine kit types for operations and training



Disciplinary Structure

Verbal Warnings

• If you are in violation of the Code Of Conduct you will be warned verbally by a 111SOG command member. This may be over slack or on TS. Essentially it means that an admin talks to you and tells you "hey dont do that" etc.


Written Warnings (EMAIL)

• Depending on the violation, you may be given an emailed warning by an admin or in the case of a member falling out of communication for more than two weeks. This is essentially asking if you are still interested in being a part of this unit.



• Serious violations of the CoCs, such as continuous breaching of an issue previously raised, then you will be benched. Essentially meaning taken off the active roster of members but not fully removed from the group.

• If you still do not make any contact or effort to address the issue at hand then you will be taken from a benched state to full removal from the group which as discussed at the beginning will include removal from TS, and SLACK.


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